Dear Ladies and Gentlemen,

AZ invoice is the most versatile, reliable, flexible electronic invoicing software available today for most businesses, using secure, reliable and accurate. Absolutely comply with the General Department of Taxation’s Circular 32 on electronic invoices

AZ Invoice suppor to:

  • Businesses with large bills;
  • Multi-business enterprise;
  • Banks, service companies have Billing system;
  • There are many branches, with or without a tax code
  • Automatic data connection with enterprise management software such as: ERP, supermarket management software, hotel software, restaurant management software.

Objects for business.

  • SME;
  • Business has multiple branches, has many tax codes;
  • The enterprise is using software Sales, ERP system, Billing system;
  • Enterprise using the external ERP as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle

Business functions AZ Invoice:

  • Manage invoice templates;
  • Manage the issuance of electronic invoice signatures;
  • Managing branch system;
  • Managing user permissions;
  • Digital Certificates (PKI Token) for Clients & Digital Certificates signed by Server * .p12
  • Signing & issuing electronic invoices automatically.


  • API Web services connect billing data with ERP., Billing.
  • Import data * .CSV, * .TXT
  • Query Database directly

System processing capabilities meet the large data requirements, centralized management

  • Unlimited scalability
  • Company size
  • Invoice management process
  • Auto / Manual (PKI token, * .p12)

Components AZ Invice:

  • ERP / Billing / POS ..: Is the current enterprise management software, using various database management systems such as MS SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, DB2.
  • E-Invoice Application: The Desktop Manager handles the issuance of electronic invoices for the user.
  • E-Invoice Windows Services: Windows-based applications play the role of receiving invoice data from the ERP through API, export file, or direct query. Processing billing information, signing & issuing electronic invoices automatically.
  • E-Invoice Portal: Provides API Web Service library. Provides functions that help shoppers look up invoices that have been released.

Functions of AZ INVOICE

  • Electronic bill under Circular 32.
  • Design invoice form.
  • Create and manage invoice notation.
  • Invoice Management.
  • Invoice to sign.
  • Invoice conversion.
  • Bill Adjustment.
  • Replace invoice.
  • Delete / Cancel invoices.
  • Issue the invoice.
  • Send email attach file (xml, html).
  • Upload Webserver & Send Attach file.
  • Import invoice receipt from Excel file.
  • Export invoice signed.
  • Report on the use of BC26 invoice.