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AZ Invoice Solutions provides perfect and flawless compatibility between various platforms.

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The Benefits of AZ Invoice Solutions

There are dozens of useful features and advantages our product offers. With them, your startup or any kind of business project you are about to launch or
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What is an electronic invoice?

According to Circular No. 32/2011-TTBTC dated 14 March 2011:

Electronic invoice (E-Invoice) is a collection of electronic data messages on the sale of goods or services that are created, sent, received, stored and managed electronically.

E-Invoice can be converted into paper invoices in demand for goods circulation, invoice management of sellers or buyers.

E-Invoice is one of three forms of invoice (self-printed invoice, invoice printed order, electronic invoice). Instead of paper-based invoices, E-Invoice is created and stored on electronic devices.

Objects for business

– Enterprise using the external ERP as SAP, Microsoft, Oracle …
– Business has multiple branches, has many tax codes
– The enterprise is using software Sales, ERP system, Billing system
– SME.

AZ E-Invoice solution

System processing capabilities meet the large data requirements, centralized management
– Unlimited scalability
– Company size-Invoice management process
– Auto / Manual

Electronic invoice solution. Business functions

– Manage invoice templates
– Manage the issuance of electronic invoice signatures
– Managing branch system
– Managing user permissions
– Digital Certificates.
– Signing & issuing electronic invoices automatically.

– API Web services connect billing data with ERP., Billing.
– Import data * .CSV, * .TXT
– Query Database directly.

Functions of AZ E-INVOICE

Electronic bill under Circular 32
– Design invoice form
– Create and manage invoice notation
– Invoice Management
– Invoice to sign
– Invoice conversion
– Bill Adjustment
– Replace invoice
– Delete / Cancel invoices
– Issue the invoice
– Send email attach file (xml, html)
– Upload Webserver & Send Attach file
– Import invoice receipt from Excel file
– Export invoice signed
– Report on the use of BC26 invoice


Depending on customer requirements, the e-invoice solution implementation takes 1 to 10 business days.
– Step 1: DEMO electronic invoice module
– Step 2: SURVEY, and collect information, request of customers, choose – – integrated plan:
. . . + Web service API
. . . + Import / Export
. . . + Query Database
– Step 3: Deploy,, test environment, test
– Step 4: Install, operate

Products / services offered:

– Solution to build electronic invoice system
– Solution to provide software package electronic invoices
– Leasing solution: use our infrastructure.
-Extensive consultancy solutions on security, system building, data encryption.
– Information authentication …
– Providing flexible solutions.

Use object - Electronic Invoice

The current regulation required the Company has to be qualified the term of Point 2 – Article No. 4 Circular No. 32/2011/TT-BTC dated on 14 March 2011. Details are as follow:
A goods seller or service provider (below collectively referred to as seller) which creates e-invoices must satisfy the following conditions:
a/ Being an economic organization which satisfies the conditions on and is making e-declarations of taxes with a tax office; or being an economic organization conducting e-banking transactions;
b/ Having a place and lines for information transmission and communication networks and transmission devices meeting requirements on exploitation, control, processing, use, preservation and storage of einvoices;
c/ Having qualified and capable personnel for creating, billing and using einvoices under regulations;
d/ Having e-signature under law;
e/ Having goods sale or service provision software linked with the accounting software, enabling automatic transfer of data of e-invoices for goods sale or service provision to the accounting software (or database) at the time of billing invoices;
f/ Having processes for backup, recovery and storage of data, which meet essential requirements on storage quality, including:
– The data storage system meets or is proven to be compatible with standards on data storage systems;
– The process for data backup and recovery upon system breakdown is available, which enables backup of e-invoice data in storage media or server cache.

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